About Us

  • Traditional faith on the Directors
  • Spark on the chairman’s mind – to start a Nidhi company with “No compromise” on systems and Procedures.
  • We have started our company under the Name and style of “THANJAI MITHRA NIDHI LIMITED” on 15.04.2022.
  • Our company had unbibed a work culture that was based on the Experience gained by the Directors.
  • Our Tagline “YOUR GROWTH OUR RESPONSIBILITY” means TMNL take care of our beloved customers “as well as our “Family members – Employees”.
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Our Core Values

Most Trusted Financial Services

Trusted By 5,000+ Well-Wishers

Wide Gold Loan Schemes

LAP - Loan Against Property

20+ Years in Service by The Directors

Why Choose Us

  • Most Trusted Financial Services
  • Trusted by satisfied customers with in a Short Period
  • User friendly services
  • Quick Service
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Direct Contact by Directors.


To maintain the Highest Standards of corporate Governance.


To keep on a Long Run with all our customers by the way of giving Excellent Service.